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The Promotion of Peace
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Community Organizing & Cultural Development
Fair Trade Practices
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Thoughts to consider...

We are brothers and sisters on this planet with a deep need and right to be responsible, 
free individuals, unified by our Humanity and rich through our Cultural Diversity...

It is our hope that Lovelight will inspire will goodwill and Peace through Deeds.

The Purpose of Jupiter International is to nurture and participate in the evolution of consciousness through service to the individual and community. May the spirit of universal love be our guide and the attainment of freedom our goal.



The result of true individuation
is revelation of the group and one's
responsibility to it ~

The mark of true group awareness
is the utmost respect for the

Thus creating enlightened individuals
who are capable of serving the
group and all of humanity

High degrees of service on the Planet
Earth including a responsible
relationship to all the kingdoms
(i.e. Mineral, plant, animal) leads to
the opportunity to serve beyond
Planet Earth.


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Jenna Jambeck
Mandy Leigh
Jason Cuykendall - web site help


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